Friday, August 25, 2017

Tamil Nadu MBBS 2017 Day 2 counselling

The counselling for Tamil Nadu medical admission 2017 got under way on 24 Aug 2017 for special categories. It changed gears on 25 Aug 2017 by calling 1209 candidates for day 2 counselling.

As usual, Madras Medical College, Chennai was the top attraction for medical aspirants followed by Stanley Medical College, Chennai.

This article presents some findings from Day 2 counselling.

Number of seats allotted on Day 2 of TN MBBS/ BDS counselling

Number of seats allotted on Day 2 of TN MBBS/ BDS counselling

Day 2 counselling saw as many as 1028 seats taken up (987 seats in state government colleges and 41 seats in self-financing colleges). The above table gives you the breakdown college wise for each category.

Ranks of admitted candidates on Day 2 of TN MBBS counselling

All the Open Category seats in government medical colleges has been taken up. The cut-off rank for OC category in government colleges is State Rank 984. He took seat in ESIC, Coimbatore and his NEET marks is 385.

All OC, BC, BCM and MBC seats were taken up in Madras Medical College and Stanley Medical College.

The following table shows the last rank who took admission on Day 2.

Vacancies at end of Day 2 of TN MBBS counselling

The following table shows the vacancies available at the end of day 2 counselling. Though the door for OC candidates is closed for government colleges, they still can get some seats under merit quota in self-financing colleges.

Estimated cut-off for MBBS in government medical colleges

Below is the revised estimated cut-off based on the status at end of day 2 counselling. This is for your quick reference. This may change based on the preferences of candidates in further counselling.

Wishing all the best for candidates attending counselling on day 3.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Expected Cut-off for Tamil Nadu MBBS admission 2017

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I am getting lots of questions on the expected cut-off for Tamil Nadu MBBS admission 2017.

As you know, Supreme Court has made it clear that admissions to MBBS/ BDS can happen only with NEET marks as the criteria.

Accepting the reality, Tamil Nadu government has released two provisional merit lists; one for merit quota seats (government colleges and self-financing colleges) and another one for management quota seats.

We have, in total, 2445 2652 seats available in government medical colleges under Tamil Nadu state quota. There is an increase of about 127 seats this year, thanks to timely opening of a medical college in Pudukottai. We also have about 57 seats reverted (some reports put the number at 102) back to the state from All India Quota counselling unfilled seats.

Expected Cut-off for Tamil Nadu MBBS admission 2017

I did a quick check and few interesting facts. I have not considered the following in my estimation of cut-off ranks:

(1) Seats that are taken by special category students
(2) I have considered only 2445 2652 seats in government colleges and Annamalai University. I did not include ESIC KK Nagar. Annamalai University and the AIQ reverted seats
(3) I did not consider the seats taken in the All India Quota counselling by Tamil Nadu candidates

So, the cut-offs may come down slightly from what I am forecasting. However, below is my prediction for 2017:

These ranks may come down slightly as I have not considered ESIC KK Nagar, AIQ reverted seats and Annamalai University and candidates who have taken seat through All India counselling. So, I won't be surprised if the cut-off goes down slightly.

These are only my estimates, based on certain assumptions. It may or may not be the true reflection that could happen in the counselling hall.

Updated on 25 Aug 2017, following the clarification on reservation system by Reality Check India

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tamil Nadu MBBS Cut-off Ranks, 2016-17

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Today, the rank list for MBBS admission in Tamil Nadu will be released.

The rank list can be downloaded from either or

The counselling is expected to commence from 24 Aug 2017 and might happen over the next week or so.

Here, I have compiled the cut-off ranks for the government colleges for 2016-17 session. You may use this as a reference/ guide for your decision making.

Tamil Nadu MBBS Cut-off Ranks, 2016-17

Just a small advice. Ignore the round 2 cut-offs as they may not be relevant. Last year, the gap between round 1 and round 2 was about three months. So, many candidates decided to stay with the colleges allocated in round 1 & did not bother to appear for round 2. The situation is completely different this year, as we may not even have round 2.

Tamil Nadu MBBS Cut-off Ranks, 2016-17

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Every one in Tamil Nadu against NEET?

There is a general feeling that every one in Tamil Nadu is against NEET. Or, at least thats the feeling you get when you switch on the television or you open a newspaper. Is it the true feeling on ground?

Is everyone in Tamil Nadu against NEET?

Just a short video on NEET and Tamil Nadu.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Applications invited for Telangana Management Quota Seats

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KNR University of Health Sciences (KNRUHS), Telangana has issued a Notification for inviting applications for Admission into Management Quota seats (B- Category , C- Category/NRI) in Private Un-aided Non-Minority, Minority Medical Colleges, Private Un-aided Dental Colleges and Army Dental College for MBBS/BDS Courses for the academic year 2017-18 under KNR UHS, Warangal.

Applications invited for Telangana Management Quota Seats

Candidates can apply on-line from 09.00 A.M. on 22-07-2017 to 28-07-2017 upto 5.00 p.m.

Online application available at:

Total number of MBBS seats available under management quota seats (Category B): 731 seats
Total number of MBBS seats available under NRI quota seats (Category C): 319 seats

Important Dates to remember

Important dates to remember for Telangana Management Quota Seats


Saturday, July 22, 2017

1000 Followers on Twitter

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Just wanted to share this milestone. The twitter handle of justgetMBBS has 1000 followers as on 22 July 2017.

1000 Followers on Twitter

I started tweeting from June 2016. The journey started with myself seeking information on MBBS admission. But, it moved on and it has become a primary platform for exchange of information, forum for active discussions & a place where several queries get resolved.

I thank all the 1000+ members on this community. I will continue to provide genuine information, my honest opinions and wild guesses, in some cases.

I do NOT know everything

I want to clarify that I do NOT know everything about medical admissions. So, when I say "I don't know", don't ask me "why you don't know". I know something and I always share what I know. If I do not know something, I do not want to pretend that I know.

Its a combined effort and there are several experts who knows better than me. For example, I always look to Sandeep Gupta for information/ advice on issues related to Karnataka. Prof. Dr. Srikanth is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement and has a wealth of information. TM Sivakumar has shared several useful information, particularly on issues related to Tamil Nadu.

There are several other experts and I am happy that we all belong to one community connected on Twitter.

Give me some time to respond

I read almost all your tweets. So, don't keep posting "please reply" again and again. I try my level best to answer your queries at the earliest. But, sometimes, it may be delayed as I may have to collect the information to respond to you.

I also need some personal time. So, don't expect instant responses. Wait for few hours before posting "please reply" again. Hope you understand.

Keep contributing

My kind request to those who went through the ordeal this year. Don't close your Twitter account once you or your son/ daughter gets a medical seat. Stay back and share your experience, information gathered and tips to the candidates who will go through this in the following years.

Suggestions for improvement

I look forward to your comments and any suggestions for improvement. Thank you all once again.

You are Killing Me: An Open Letter to Tamil Nadu

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This article is written by Harini Parthiban, a medical aspirant from the state of Tamil Nadu (TN)
A devastated TN NEET Aspirant talking to her state. No offense to any political parties. I'm just talking to my state which I thought have been protecting and caring me. Can I be any wrong?

  • You are trying your best to quash NEET saying your state students' MBBS dreams will be shattered. Ain't I belong to your state? I have been born, grown up, fed by you. Ain't my dream is being shattered by exempting TN from NEET?

  • When you have had 12th state board exams and admitted students solely based on the rote memorization and cut offs, you think your economically oppressed children have had fair chance to get admitted in MBBS? Oh, dear TN, you fail to acknowledge that you were just letting thousands of corporate and private schools to get the most benefit, unmindful of those rural students' pathetic situation. That's fair but bringing NEET in TN is unfair since those rural students can't afford them? Surely, you're joking TN.

  • Once if your students fail to get the whooping high medical cut-offs out of mugging up the whole syllabi in their 12th boards, their dream to become medico ends right there. But NEET gives them more chances than you had ever given'em. Don't we deserve more chances to make our dreams come true? You think NEET is still a malady for TN? You're killing me, TN.

  • 6 books, 40 lessons, 3 days and 3 descriptive papers (physics, chemistry, biology) which is every year following the same pattern and trend with not much questions to test what your students had understood rather testifying how much they could remember, helps you to find the best and deserving student for MBBS but one Nationalised paper with 180 logical objective questions testing their analytical, observing and memorization skills altogether with much of the questions based on concepts with non-repetitve-trends training the students for other big entrance exams also, is a curse to TN as you say. That's satirical, isn't it?

  • If even states who are lesser developed than You can accept NEET, why can't you? Do you think that your kids lag behind the other states' students? Are TN students so imbecile and study nothing other than their board books that they can't even face a Nationalised pre-college exams let alone UPSC and other on par exams? Exempting TN from NEET is equivalent to you accepting your own students as dorks and incompetent. Do you really think we are?

  • Have any of us told you that we don't want NEET? It's your responsibility to change the rules of the game that has been played on your ground before it's commencement. You can't change the rules once the game is over and just before the announcement of it's winners. Don't you know, TN? I'm sick of you.

  • Students who scored exceptionally well took medical seats via All India Quota (AIQ) and those who got less than the required scores were/are being protected by their own state's medical seats and policies.Where do TN NEET aspirants go? Pay the hefty fee that the private/deemed colleges prescribe? TN, you're failing on me. I can't afford it.

  • You listen to politicians and those with power. My voice and words amidst million other chaos will be forgotten. Everyday morning, I woke up hoping, today the MBBS merit list based on NEET will be released and these dramas will end only to return to my bed at night with empty hopes and shattered promise. I am proud of you for all these things that you are doing for me :)

  • Every other state has been on the verge of completing their first round of counselling and even our neighborhood state Puducherry who also has been following the same syllabi as we do, accepted NEET and released their state merit list based on it.Tomorrow those state's students would wake up to attend counselling. But I? Don't know, probably to be a mute spectator of your Great TN Tamasha and shrud inwardly for not getting those extra marks for AIQ. Everybody has their own limitations. I have had mine. So do you. So does this drama. Can't you stop all these Tamasha? Let me live?

  • TN, will you stop killing me?


Friday, July 21, 2017

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

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I witnessed a long discussion in Twitter today (and it was going on still). The topic was around why the state board students did not prepare for the NEET exam? Why did they believe the government/ the politicians? Why they did not think that Supreme Court has already mandated NEET and already the Central government has amended the Indian Medical Act to include NEET? Why they did not understand that the ordinance passed by central government in 2016 was valid for only one year?

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

This article makes an attempt to answer the above questions. I know many would not agree with my views and will have different opinions. You are welcome to post your comments here, or come over to my Twitter handle or Facebook page to have a healthy and constructive discussion.

Why Tamil Nadu state board students believed that their state will be exempted from NEET?

The fact here is TN state board students were made to believe that they will be exempted from NEET permanently. When it seemed that is not happening, they came out with the Bills. All legal experts, educationists, politicians (including opposition parties) were confident that the Bills will ensure exemption from NEET. Time and again, the government was giving promises (even today) that NEET will not be used for medical admission.

With so much promise, state board students were confident that board marks is important and they concentrated to secure 200/200. Even those who went to NEET coaching were really confused what should they focus on. And, they did focus on the board exams.

Now the question: why did they believe the government and the politicians? And did not take the Supreme Court seriously? The simple answer is: they are from Tamil Nadu. It is a state that managed to do things differently from all other states.

It was the only state to not have any state-level entrance examination for a decade (though the Indian Medical Act required an entrance examination if the boards of examination are different). It was probably the only state to have 69% reservation (though SC has directed that reservations should not exceed 49%). It was one of those states to fill the reverted All India Quota seats using state merit list (though SC has clearly said that all those seats should be filled only using All India Rank).

So, there were enough precedents for the state board students to believe that the government will bail them out of NEET. And, you cannot blame them.

To be fair to them, their board marks were also important to them. In case they failed to make it to MBBS, they should have adequate board marks to secure them a decent engineering college. All other admissions in Tamil Nadu, except MBBS/ BDS, are based on board marks. It is not a state where you generally drop a year and pursue MBBS again. So, they were split between board and NEET.

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

So, who should we blame for the precarious situation Tamil Nadu is facing today? Its certainly the government, the politicians and the educationists. If only they all had just accepted NEET was here to stay and advised the students to focus on NEET? I am sure the state board students would have done much better and would have had a lion’s share in the total seats under government medical colleges. 52% could have become 72% or 82%.

I hope the government stops this right now. Let us all accept that NEET is here to stay. I hope the government will take adequate steps to help and guide the students to face NEET exam with confidence from next year

Monday, July 17, 2017

FAQ for All India Quota/ Deemed Universities Counselling

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All India Quota counselling or State Quota Counselling? If I get a seat in all India quota round 1, should I join it? If I don't report to the college, what will happen? Can I participate in both All India Quota counselling and state quota counselling? Is it true that I cannot quit if I participate in second round counselling? and on and on and on ....

I am getting hundreds of questions regarding the counselling. Everyone comes out with different scenarios. It gets complicated with several if, else if, else if, ... conditions applied. I have answered them on my twitter handle. But, I thought it would be better to put them all together here as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

All India Quota/Deemed Universities Round 1

I thought through the various scenarios that could come up in round 1 counselling. I put them all together in a flow chart for easy understanding. The idea is to give you a visual image of the various decision trees of All India quota or deemed universities round 1 counselling.

All India Quota/ Deemed Universities Round 1

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I did not participate in all India quota round 1 counselling. Can I participate in all India quota round 2 counselling? (OR) I did not participate in deemed universities round 1 counselling. Can I participate in deemed universities round 2 counselling?
Yes, you can participate in round 2 counselling. You have to register for round 2 counselling at Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) web site. The registration for round 2 is expected to start on 1 Aug 2017.

2. I got a seat in Deemed Universities round 1 counselling. But, I do not like the college. Can I choose not to join the college?
Yes, you can choose not to join the college. But, you will not be able to participate in further rounds of counselling in deemed universities. But, you can continue to participate in other counsellings like All India Quota counselling and state quota counselling.

3. I am offered a seat in 1st allotment, can I release this seat without going to college & opt for 2nd counselling?
No, you cannot. Candidates are required to join allotted institution/college and complete the admission formalities. Candidates who do not report at allotted institute during reporting period will become ineligible for 2nd round of allotment.

4. I did not get a seat in all India quota round 1 counselling. Can I participate in all India quota round 2 counselling?
Yes, you can participate in round 2 counselling. When round 2 opens, you have to provide fresh choices for round 2.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Seat Matrix for Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

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In the last article, we gave you the seat matrix for deemed universities/ central universities. Following this article, I got a few requests to write an article on the seat matrix for private colleges in Tamil Nadu. The last article was easy as the seat matrix for deemed universities/ central universities was provided by Medical Counseling Committee; all I have to do was to present in an easy-to-read format. However, the seat matrix for private colleges in Tamil Nadu is yet to be released by Tamil Nadu government.

Seat Matrix for Private Colleges in Tamil Nadu

I have to collect information from MCI information desk. I compared it with the colleges listed in Tamil Nadu prospectus for 2017-18 admission. I have to make some assumptions where clear information is not available, particularly on the distribution of seats between merit and management quota.

I have assumed that seats in all private colleges are split into 65% merit quota seats and 35% management quota seats. I have also assumed that CMC Vellore will not surrender any seats to state quota and all their 100 seats will be considered as management quota seats. The 100 seats of ESIC Medical College, KK Nagar will be split as 65 merit quota seats, 20 seats for Insured Persons (IP) quota and 15 seats for all India quota.

As you can see, there are 1550 seats under self-financing colleges in Tamil Nadu for the admission year 2017-18. Out of this, 921 seats are reserved for government quota and will be charged about 2.85 lacs to 4 lacs per annum (ESIC medical college, KK Nagar charges only INR 24,000 per year).

There are about 594 seats under management quota in self-financing colleges. Of these, 459 seats will be available at an annual fees of INR 12.5 lacs. 100 seats in Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore will be available at about INR 23000 per year. 35 seats in IRT Perundurai will be available only to wards of Transport Corporation Employees.


The information presented here are collected from the web sites of MCI, respective self-financing colleges and prospectus of Tamil Nadu medical admission. We have made few assumptions. We advise the candidates to use the information here as a guidance and do their due diligent check. They are also advised to check the relevant Authorities for regular updates as this information may not be updated regularly.

The remarks regarding recognition for Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Sri Muthukumaran Medical College are as displayed in MCI web site and are correct at the time of posting this article.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Seat Matrix for Deemed Universities/ Central Universities

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Today, the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) has released the seat matrix for deemed universities/ central universities. I have taken the data from MCC web site and presenting here in an easy to read format.

Seat Matrix for Deemed Universities/ Central Universities


In total, there are 6350 seats available in deemed universities and central universities for 2017-18 counselling. Interestingly, three-fourths of these colleges come from three major states, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Maharashtra has the most number of seats (1796 seats), followed by Tamil Nadu (1500 seats) and Karnataka (1353 seats).

Though NRI seats are not clearly mentioned in the seat matrix given by MCC, I have assumed 15% of seats in most colleges are allocated for NRIs. There are 823 NRI seats. The general practice is if the colleges cannot find adequate NRIs to fill these seats, then they will convert these seats to local residents.

Two colleges have seats for minority. Yenepoya Medical College in Karnataka has 57 seats for Muslims minority. Smt.B.K.Shah Medical Institute & Research Centre of Gujarat has 64 seats for Jain minority.


I have taken enough care to ensure the information from MCC is translated as it is. You are requested to use this as a guide. But, for any decision making, please refer to the official MCC web site and the respective University web sites. The information here may not be regularly updated in line with any changes intimated by MCC. So, please check MCC web site regularly for any updates.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Why I think AIQ cutoff will not be as high as 585+ marks?

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NEET 2017 results were published today. Several candidates were surprised and disappointed with the huge drop in ranks compared to predictions based on previous years. For example, if a candidate with 520 marks got a rank of say 5000 in 2016, the same 520 marks fetched a rank close to 20,000 in 2017. Students should have expected this as the number of candidates in 2017 is much larger than the number of candidates appeared in the years before.

However, this also led to the thought that the cutoff for all seats will sky rocket. For example, candidates were predicting 585+ marks as cutoff for All India Quota. There were also predictions that state quota seats cannot be obtained with scores less than 530-540 in NEET. I am personally of the opinion that these forecasts are done with the shock, explained in above paragraph, in mind. Let us calm down and let the dust settle. I do not think AIQ cutoff will be as high as 585+ marks. Let me explain why.

Why I think AIQ cutoff will not be as high as 585+ marks?

I would like to bring some information from 2016, before discussing the current scenario. In 2016, the NEET All India Rank cutoff for All India Quota seats is as follows:

AIQ Counselling Round 1 - AIR 4733
AIQ Counselling Round 2 - AIR 5849

So, considering similar trend this year, let us assume the cutoff this year is also around AIR 5849. This is more or less rank of a candidate with 580 marks in NEET.

However, let us not forget that there were as many as 1886 seats fell vacant at the end of second counselling. If you add these seats to the cutoff, you are looking at around an AIR of 7735 (5849+1886). This is equivalent to about 565 marks in NEET 2017.

We also have to consider the fact that several candidates in 2016 had only the choice of All India Quota seats (except few states who used NEET instead of CET). This also means that each candidate in the top few thousand ranks will have two choices, both AIQ and state. I expect several candidates preferring state quota rather than AIQ.

So, I am of the opinion that the cutoff may not be as high as 585+ marks. It could be close to 550 marks. Yes, it is much higher than last year, when it was just around 510 marks.

Another round of counselling might help more students. But, somehow MCI is inefficient that they could conduct only two rounds of counselling.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Will CBSE release NEET results today?

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Since the time Supreme Court lifted the stay order and allowed CBSE to continue with the process of NEET, there is an air of excitement around the date when CBSE will release the NEET results. Students, parents, teachers, schools, coaching centres, media, web sites and several interested parties are waiting anxiously for any announcement from CBSE on the release of NEET results.

CBSE likely to announce NEET 2017 results today?

Several articles in the media and scrolling text in Television channels claimed that CBSE will release NEET results today, that is 19 June 2017. I even got information this evening that NEET results were already published; however, a quick check on the CBSE's NEET web site proved that its a fake news.

To put it straight, CBSE has not given any official announcement that results are expected today. So, all reports in the media are stones thrown at dark by some blind people. Guess works are reported as factual information, unfortunately.

CBSE, usually, maintains silence on matters like these. No wonder, we face several court cases related to NEET. Keeping the procedures transparent and disseminating the information well in advance is something that CBSE/ MCI should look forward to. This will remove the anxiety among students and parents. It will also give sufficient time to correct any mistakes by CBSE, rather than running to Supreme Court for each and every decision.

If not today, when will CBSE release NEET results?

In 2016, CBSE published the results exactly one week after the challenge of answer key ended. This time is needed for them to have a quick review on the OMR challenges and the answer key challenges. Going by that logic, the results can be expected by this Friday, 23rd June 2017.

CBSE, earlier, informed that they would require two weeks to release NEET results once the stay order is lifted. The stay order was lifted on 12 June 2017. So, CBSE should release NEET results not later than June 26, 2017.

So, let us hope that CBSE makes some announcement to calm down the anxious students. I believe that the results should be released any time between 21 June 2017 and 23 Jun 2017. My best wishes to all the NEET aspirants.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Important Dates for MBBS Admission 2017

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In this article, we have listed the important dates for MBBS admissions 2017. There are three major entrance examination for the year 2017, namely AIIMS entrance examination, NEET (UG) entrance examination and JIPMER entrance examination. In addition, CMC Vellore and Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) conducts aptitude tests and interview after filtering candidates through NEET examination. Some of the important dates are provided here for your easy reference.

Important dates for MBBS admission 2017

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

01 08 May 2017 - Hosting / Uploading the Admit Cards on AIIMS website
28 May 2017 - AIIMS Entrance Examination
14 Jun 2017 - Expected date of result for AIIMS entrance examination
03 Jul 2017 - First counselling
03 Aug 2017 - Second counselling
04 Sep 2017 - Third counselling
27 Sep 2017 - Open counselling


15 22 Apr 2017 - Tentative date for uploading of Admit Cards on website
07 May 2017 - NEET Entrance Examination
08 Jun 2017 - Declaration of NEET entrance examination results

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore

13 Mar 2017 - Online application opens
15 Jun 2017 - Online application closes
17 Jun 2017 - Last date for submission of NEET score - before 12:00 Noon
30 Jun 2017 - Step-1 Aptitude Assessment
05 Jul 2017 - Announcement of List for Step-2
17 Jul 2017 - Step-2 (Special tests and interviews) - 3 days at Vellore campus
20 Jul 2017 - Announcement of results
21 Jul 2017 - Registration for selected candidates
22 Jul 2017 - Classes begin


27 Mar 2017 - Online application opens at 11:00 am
03 May 2017 - Online application closes at 5:00 pm
22 May 2017 - Download of Hall Ticket from JIPMER website
04 Jun 2017 - JIPMER Entrance Examination
19 Jun 2017 - Expected date of publication of Merit List
27 Jun 2017 - First counselling
05 Jul 2017 - Commencement of course
19 Jul 2017 - Second counselling
23 Aug 2017 - Third counselling

All the information provided above are collected from the respective web sites. The information is right at the time of publication. Candidates are advised to refer to the respective websites for any change in schedule.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is NEET the only yardstick to rank candidates?

Guest article written by Dr. Shrikanth, Vellore.
Fellow citizens,

Let us not become emotional about self-proclaimed opinions regarding better or poorer standards in the state board or central board schools, state-level entrance exams versus national-level entrance exams (NEET), English medium education versus regional languages, city versus town, town versus rural, ..

We are now facing the issue of how to select candidates for medical curriculum. Because the eligible candidates, by nature and law, are from different boards, different medium of instruction, different states and different socio-economic backgrounds,it becomes necessary to have a common yardstick to merit rank among them for further selection.

Common yardstick to merit rank

There are two well-known and recognized methods for this purpose. Leave alone the personal interview methods to assess and measure the merit cum attitude/aptitude. They are:
  1. Objective type of entrance exams - erstwhile CETs of different states, institutions or national level exams like JEE or NEET, etc.
  2. Equally popular method internationally for college admissions, if not so popular in India - is "test equating by statistical normalization" of different examinations of various qualifying boards.
Both the methods have their advantages and disadvantages from various perspectives. Former method of ENTRANCE EXAMINATION by objective type is simple in application and less biased. But the second method requires a lot of standardized administrative infrastructure, from syllabus to final mark scoring of qualifying examinations.

Obviously this latter method assumes good and unbiased law and order for effective evaluation by vastly differing agencies-which is quite difficult in today's India. Only state government which entirely follows the second method has been Tamil Nadu. In fact, even the national selection for IITs and NITs follows statistical normalization at least partially at preliminary screening.

But what is really lacking in Tamil Nadu is that the method of calculation and it's underlying principle for the purpose of "test equating by statistical normalization", which is legally stipulated in sub-clause 5(i) of the ACT 3 of 2007 of Tamil Nadu, is unfortunately absolutely wrong, arbitrary, unfair, unscientific and unconstitutional.

It was negligently adopted from BITS, Pilani by Dr. Ananthakrishnan committee in 2006 which was reportedly constituted to abolish CET in Tamil Nadu. The wrong method for "equating by normalization" had been quashed as unfair, exploitative and unconstitutional by at least three high courts in different states. But, the President inadvertently assented to this ACT in spite of serious and conscious objection by Ministry of Health, Government of India.

Even in 2016, government of Tamil Nadu did not adhere to the ACT for NEET 2016. Though the 2016 ordinance & ACT of union exempted only those which conducted their own Common entrance examinations for 2016, the government of Tamil Nadu did not conduct any state level entrance examination for evaluating inter-se merit ranking. The selection process of 2016 was illegal in Tamil Nadu.

Unless this wrong method (sub-clause 5(i) of the ACT) is repealed and replaced by statistical method like equi-percentile method, this ACT in Tamil Nadu could not stand against IMC ACT, amended for NEET. So,any attempt to oppose NEET 2017 by Tamil Nadu without amending this existing unconstitutional method of normalization will be utterly ridiculous and liable for quashing by honourable courts.

Thanks Dr. Shrikanth for your valuable article. To understand Dr. Shrikanth's article fully, please read my earlier article on Do you think CBSE students are incompetent to join Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges?