Friday, June 23, 2017

Why I think AIQ cutoff will not be as high as 585+ marks?

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NEET 2017 results were published today. Several candidates were surprised and disappointed with the huge drop in ranks compared to predictions based on previous years. For example, if a candidate with 520 marks got a rank of say 5000 in 2016, the same 520 marks fetched a rank close to 20,000 in 2017. Students should have expected this as the number of candidates in 2017 is much larger than the number of candidates appeared in the years before.

However, this also led to the thought that the cutoff for all seats will sky rocket. For example, candidates were predicting 585+ marks as cutoff for All India Quota. There were also predictions that state quota seats cannot be obtained with scores less than 530-540 in NEET. I am personally of the opinion that these forecasts are done with the shock, explained in above paragraph, in mind. Let us calm down and let the dust settle. I do not think AIQ cutoff will be as high as 585+ marks. Let me explain why.

Why I think AIQ cutoff will not be as high as 585+ marks?

I would like to bring some information from 2016, before discussing the current scenario. In 2016, the NEET All India Rank cutoff for All India Quota seats is as follows:

AIQ Counselling Round 1 - AIR 4733
AIQ Counselling Round 2 - AIR 5849

So, considering similar trend this year, let us assume the cutoff this year is also around AIR 5849. This is more or less rank of a candidate with 580 marks in NEET.

However, let us not forget that there were as many as 1886 seats fell vacant at the end of second counselling. If you add these seats to the cutoff, you are looking at around an AIR of 7735 (5849+1886). This is equivalent to about 565 marks in NEET 2017.

We also have to consider the fact that several candidates in 2016 had only the choice of All India Quota seats (except few states who used NEET instead of CET). This also means that each candidate in the top few thousand ranks will have two choices, both AIQ and state. I expect several candidates preferring state quota rather than AIQ.

So, I am of the opinion that the cutoff may not be as high as 585+ marks. It could be close to 550 marks. Yes, it is much higher than last year, when it was just around 510 marks.

Another round of counselling might help more students. But, somehow MCI is inefficient that they could conduct only two rounds of counselling.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Will CBSE release NEET results today?

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Since the time Supreme Court lifted the stay order and allowed CBSE to continue with the process of NEET, there is an air of excitement around the date when CBSE will release the NEET results. Students, parents, teachers, schools, coaching centres, media, web sites and several interested parties are waiting anxiously for any announcement from CBSE on the release of NEET results.

CBSE likely to announce NEET 2017 results today?

Several articles in the media and scrolling text in Television channels claimed that CBSE will release NEET results today, that is 19 June 2017. I even got information this evening that NEET results were already published; however, a quick check on the CBSE's NEET web site proved that its a fake news.

To put it straight, CBSE has not given any official announcement that results are expected today. So, all reports in the media are stones thrown at dark by some blind people. Guess works are reported as factual information, unfortunately.

CBSE, usually, maintains silence on matters like these. No wonder, we face several court cases related to NEET. Keeping the procedures transparent and disseminating the information well in advance is something that CBSE/ MCI should look forward to. This will remove the anxiety among students and parents. It will also give sufficient time to correct any mistakes by CBSE, rather than running to Supreme Court for each and every decision.

If not today, when will CBSE release NEET results?

In 2016, CBSE published the results exactly one week after the challenge of answer key ended. This time is needed for them to have a quick review on the OMR challenges and the answer key challenges. Going by that logic, the results can be expected by this Friday, 23rd June 2017.

CBSE, earlier, informed that they would require two weeks to release NEET results once the stay order is lifted. The stay order was lifted on 12 June 2017. So, CBSE should release NEET results not later than June 26, 2017.

So, let us hope that CBSE makes some announcement to calm down the anxious students. I believe that the results should be released any time between 21 June 2017 and 23 Jun 2017. My best wishes to all the NEET aspirants.