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Total number of medical seats in India

Do you know the total number of medical seats in India? This article gives an update on the total number of MBBS seats available in India. The information is collected from the web site of Medical Council of India.

Total number of medical seats in India

We have summarized the information from the web site and presented in a format that is easy to understand. There are about 425 medical colleges all over India, almost a 50:50 distribution of government and private medical colleges. These 425 medical colleges provide about 53,000 medical seats a year, 28790 seats under government medical colleges and 24440 seats under private medical colleges.

The total number of MBBS seats available in India is given state-wise in the table below, and further broken down into government medical colleges and private medical colleges.

Total number of medical seats in India

Further insight into number of medical seats in India

Three states have more than 5000 MBBS seats each. Karnataka leads the list with 7245 seats, Maharashtra has 6520 seats and Tamil Nadu state has 5510 seats.

Tamil Nadu has 23 government medical colleges, the most among states in India. Maharashtra, though with only 21 government medical colleges, leads the number of seats in government medical colleges. Maharashtra has 2950 government seats while Tamil Nadu has 2910 seats. Gujarat has 2680 seats from 16 government medical colleges.

In the private medical colleges count, Karnataka is far ahead of other states. Karnataka has 35 private medical colleges, which contribute as many as 4845 seats. Maharashtra is a distant second with 28 private medical colleges that provide 3570 seats. Tamil Nadu has 2600 seats from 23 private medical colleges.


The above information is collected from Colleges & Courses Search | Medical Council of India on 4 Aug 2016. The information provided in this article may not be updated, you can use it as a guide. For the latest information, we suggest you to visit the Medical Council of India web site.


  1. Sir I got 192 marks in neet 2017.I belong to mbc catagory and also ex-service man quota. Can I get mbbs seat in govt or private collage through merit quota..... So plz kindly reply me sir....


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