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Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - Analysis

Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) released the vacancies for All India Quota (AIQ) seats in Round 2 counseling for the year 2016. We took some time to analyze the data and present you with some interesting findings. Number of vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 1886 seats are vacant as of 08 Sep 2016 following the completion of round 1 counseling. It is noted that 1382 candidates did not report to the allotted college from their list of choices; 502 candidates resigned and 2 seats were vacant due to cancellation of the allotment. It is very disappointing and frustrating to note that 1382 candidates did not even join the college allotted to them. How mindless these candidates are? If they are so sure that they are not even going to report to the college, why do they provide such a college in their choice? Are these students arrogant and exhibiting their power to the world? Is it merely for the pleasure to see their name in an useless list? I do not know. I could accept a few candidat