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Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - Analysis

Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) released the vacancies for All India Quota (AIQ) seats in Round 2 counseling for the year 2016. We took some time to analyze the data and present you with some interesting findings.

Number of vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016

1886 seats are vacant as of 08 Sep 2016 following the completion of round 1 counseling. It is noted that 1382 candidates did not report to the allotted college from their list of choices; 502 candidates resigned and 2 seats were vacant due to cancellation of the allotment.

It is very disappointing and frustrating to note that 1382 candidates did not even join the college allotted to them. How mindless these candidates are? If they are so sure that they are not even going to report to the college, why do they provide such a college in their choice? Are these students arrogant and exhibiting their power to the world? Is it merely for the pleasure to see their name in an useless list? I do not know.

I could accept a few candidates not joining, but not 1382 candidates. They merely obstructed the allotment of these seats to candidates ranked below them and denied these candidates peace of mind for the past two weeks. How many of those candidates would be running around applying to private colleges? How many of them would have already paid lakhs and lakhs of rupees to secure a seat in a blood-sucking private medical college or deemed university?

The argument could be that these candidates took the seats while they were waiting for allotment from state quota. Yes, possible. But, most of these candidates know for sure they will get a seat in their state. So, they could have avoided participating in the AIQ counseling. Or, at least, they could have chosen only colleges that they intend to join.

With only two rounds of online counseling this year, this is really a wasted opportunity for many candidates to secure a seat. This pattern is again going to repeat in round 2 counseling, which will put a lot of stress on deserving meritorious candidates. The trend of surrendering seats back to states is going to continue. It is difficult to understand the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the counseling process conducted by MCC.

Number of vacancies for AIQ Round 2, comparison of 2013-2016

The table below shows you the number of vacancies available for AIQ round 2, data given year wise from 2013 to 2016.

Number of vacancies for AIQ Round 2, comparison of 2013-2016

As you could see, the number of vacant seats this year is almost double compared to last year. Unless MCC reviews its counseling process and improves it, they are only going downhill. May be they have to learn few tricks from JoSAA, the seat allocation authority for IITs, IIITs, NITs and CFTIs. While JoSAA managed 6 rounds of counseling in less than 30 days, MCC is struggling to conduct two rounds of counseling in 30 days.

Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - Category wise breakdown

1724 seats are available for MBBS course and 162 seats are available for BDS course. Here is a category wise breakdown of the 1886 seats.

Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - Category wise breakdown

Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - State wise breakdown

The following are the top 5 states in terms of number of vacant seats available for round 2 counseling. Maharashtra tops the list with 239 vacant seats, followed by West Bengal (or should I say Bengal/ Bangla) with 215 seats. These five states contribute to about half of the total vacant seats.

Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - State wise breakdown

Let us also look at the bottom five states with least number of vacant seats available. Most of these states/ union territories have only one medical college. So, we could understand why they are right at the bottom of the vacant seats matrix.

Vacancies for AIQ Round 2, 2016 - State wise breakdown


We kindly request candidates participating in round 2 counseling to be wiser. Please do not block seats if you have no intention to join a particular college. If you are not interested to move down to South India, please do not choose any college from South India. Similarly, if someone prefers a private college rather than going to North India, then please do not include North Indian colleges in your choice. Be considerate. Those who are waiting below are your friends, brothers and sisters. Your wise decision could make or break their life and career. In some states, its not going to be easy to secure a seat after MCC surrenders the seats to the states. So, think twice before you fill your choices.

Note: All the data above are collected from MCC web site. We have taken utmost care to ensure the correctness of the data analysis. Please use this analysis for your preliminary guidance. Do your own checks before taking any decision or coming to a conclusion. We are not responsible for any inadvertent mistakes or errors in the above analysis. Moreoever, MCC may update/ revise the data, which may not be reflected here. Check MCC website for the latest information.


  1. very true... Why they are simply blocking the seats when they want admission,there are others waiting for admission,

    1. Yes, they should be considerate for others. Hopefully, less candidates will block seats in round 2 counselling. Let every candidate get a fair chance of joining a government medical college. After all, they have worked so hard for years to reach this position.

  2. This may be called ARROGANCE & ANTISOCIAL ATTITUDE of meritorious community of India ???.

    1. It's called "kiasu" in Singapore. In fear of losing out, you become selfish. The whole counselling process is very messy.

      The admission to IITs, NITs and CFTIs was much more efficient and fast. It's difficult to understand why we don't implement good practices.

      Knowing very well the same story emerges year after year, the inaction by MCI is puzzling.

    2. Dear Sir, Two things r dissuading the students from taking MBBS courses in Govt med coll
      1.They dont show full details of college in MCC website.The hostels r in pathetic situation whereas the fees continue to rise.4 studnts in one room in many Mumbai Med colleges.Parents r stunned wn they reach there for reporting .Is that what they aimed their wards to achieve.?
      2.The Rural service bonds are again a big hamper.The bonds r of 2 to 3 yrs amounting to a punishment of 10 to 25 lakhs for MBBS students and even higher for PG.Its important to mention that Supreme Court has instructed in 2001 Anand biji case that All India selectees shd not b pushed into additional criterias & bonds.Thats their in Information bulletin2015 on MCC website.Still states are not obeying it and MOHFW is a silent spectator.This should b brought into knowledge of Health Minister & DGHS.

    3. Thanks for your comments.

      1. I agree with your point. Yes, the facilities and amenities in government medical colleges are generally pathetic. But, this is not something new. We all know the status of government hospitals. It would be better if students could decide earlier and opt out if they do not want to live with such poor facilities and amenities. There are some exceptional private colleges with wonderful facilities and amenities. If they could afford, they could go there and study. My only request is not to block the seats knowing very well that he/ she is not going to join.

      2. I am not aware of the exemption. If candidates from All India Quota are exempted, then it is wrong on the part of State governments to impose additional conditions on them. The problem here is MCI, the Authority, keeps quiet on all important issues.


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