Cut-off Ranks, AIIMS 2016 vs AIIMS 2015

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is among the most prestigious medical institutions in India. It is the dream of every medical aspirant to set their foot into AIIMS New Delhi to pursue MBBS. However, there are only limited seats available. AIIMS New Delhi provides about 72 seats and the remaining six AIIMS Institutes provide 100 seats each.

So, it is always a huge competition to get into these institutes. This article is written to give you an idea of the ranks required to obtain a seat in AIIMS institutes. The opening and closing ranks for each of the seven AIIMS Institutes are given below for the year 2016. It will give you an idea about the pattern in which the MBBS seats were taken up at AIIMS in 2016.

Closing Ranks, AIIMS 2016 vs AIIMS 2015

Let me caution you though, the scenario for each year might be different. For example, the delay in the NEET 2016 exam and the confusions prevailed following the results had a huge impact on how the AIIMS seats were taken up. Several candidates felt safe to stick to the AIIMS institutions rather than waiting for a good college through NEET exam.

Opening and Closing Ranks, AIIMS 2016

Sl. No.InstituteOpening RankClosing Rank
1AIIMS, New Delhi13725611382825
2AIIMS, Bhopal55102211701417020498
3AIIMS, Bhubaneswar59107811031686513905
4AIIMS, Jodhpur398711946815118701
5AIIMS, Patna274294921301719823845
6AIIMS, Raipur314109919911629723929
7AIIMS, Rishikesh85104520951804920140

Cut-off Ranks, AIIMS 2016 vs AIIMS 2015

Let us just take a look at the closing/ cut-off ranks for Unreserved (UR) category, as obtained in AIIMS 2016 vs AIIMS 2015.

Sl. No.InstituteCut-off Rank
1AIIMS, New Delhi4037
2AIIMS, Bhopal14331022
3AIIMS, Bhubaneswar20841078
4AIIMS, Jodhpur1332871
5AIIMS, Patna28082949
6AIIMS, Raipur27481099
7AIIMS, Rishikesh19301045

As you can see clearly from the comparison above between AIIMS 2016 results and AIIMS 2015 results, the cut-off ranks went upwards in 2016. AIIMS New Delhi is consistent and it normally closes around 36-40 ranks at the most. So, no surprises there. But, all the other institutes saw an increase of about 500-1000 ranks, which is really a huge jump.

Don't read too much into the cut-off for AIIMS Patna. Though AIR 2949 obtained a seat in AIIMS Patna, I see it more of an anamoly. The previous rank to obtain a seat was AIR 1099, who took AIIMS Raipur. So, there was no one between 1099 and 2949. The candidate with AIR 2949 could have been lucky during the open round, as many candidates would not have appeared. As AIIMS insists on producing original certificates for counselling, attending open round is more of a lottery. So, for all practical purposes, you can consider that the cut-off rank is around 1100.


The above information were collected from AIIMS web site and presented here in an easy to read and understand format. We have taken utmost care to ensure the correctness of the data analysis. Please use this analysis for your preliminary guidance. Do your own checks before taking any decision or coming to a conclusion. We are not responsible for any inadvertent mistakes or errors in the above analysis. Moreoever, AIIMS may update/ revise the data, which may not be reflected here. Check AIIMS website for the latest information.


  1. Dear Sir, You have nicely annalysed the scenario.One thing I want to highlight is that the reservation policy adopted by AIIMS is unacceptable to most UR people as they are following a very old policy of allowing Meritorious Reserved students .i.e.those who get a general merit rank to upgrade to better college like Delhi shifting to reserved quota but strangely the vacated seat of general rank is alloted to only reserved student & not to the next person in Open rank.The Supreme court has supported the AIIMS policy in 2013 which is being continued till date.So you can see that out of UR 1000 rank there are about 300 OBCs & separately 27% general category suffers .I have put this to Grievance portal & requested them to take fresh directives from Supreme Court .If I have to challenge it then going to Supreme Court alone is a big deal ..I want a team.
    Also requested the AIIMS director to make counselling ONLINE..Lets see
    My email id for communication is

    1. Yes, I agree with your comment. It is surprising and disappointing to see AIIMS using such an unfair reservation policy. This puts UR candidates at a complete disadvantage and leaves them frustrated. If I am not wrong, only AIIMS follows such reservation policy.


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