Why I think AIQ cutoff will not be as high as 585+ marks?

NEET 2017 results were published today. Several candidates were surprised and disappointed with the huge drop in ranks compared to predictions based on previous years. For example, if a candidate with 520 marks got a rank of say 5000 in 2016, the same 520 marks fetched a rank close to 20,000 in 2017. Students should have expected this as the number of candidates in 2017 is much larger than the number of candidates appeared in the years before.

However, this also led to the thought that the cutoff for all seats will sky rocket. For example, candidates were predicting 585+ marks as cutoff for All India Quota. There were also predictions that state quota seats cannot be obtained with scores less than 530-540 in NEET. I am personally of the opinion that these forecasts are done with the shock, explained in above paragraph, in mind. Let us calm down and let the dust settle. I do not think AIQ cutoff will be as high as 585+ marks. Let me explain why.

Why I think AIQ cutoff will not be as high as 585+ marks?

I would like to bring some information from 2016, before discussing the current scenario. In 2016, the NEET All India Rank cutoff for All India Quota seats is as follows:

AIQ Counselling Round 1 - AIR 4733
AIQ Counselling Round 2 - AIR 5849

So, considering similar trend this year, let us assume the cutoff this year is also around AIR 5849. This is more or less rank of a candidate with 580 marks in NEET.

However, let us not forget that there were as many as 1886 seats fell vacant at the end of second counselling. If you add these seats to the cutoff, you are looking at around an AIR of 7735 (5849+1886). This is equivalent to about 565 marks in NEET 2017.

We also have to consider the fact that several candidates in 2016 had only the choice of All India Quota seats (except few states who used NEET instead of CET). This also means that each candidate in the top few thousand ranks will have two choices, both AIQ and state. I expect several candidates preferring state quota rather than AIQ.

So, I am of the opinion that the cutoff may not be as high as 585+ marks. It could be close to 550 marks. Yes, it is much higher than last year, when it was just around 510 marks.

Another round of counselling might help more students. But, somehow MCI is inefficient that they could conduct only two rounds of counselling.


  1. When do the state counselling registrations open(kerala, tamil nadu etc)? And how do I get updated on these?


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