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Every one in Tamil Nadu against NEET?

There is a general feeling that every one in Tamil Nadu is against NEET. Or, at least thats the feeling you get when you switch on the television or you open a newspaper. Is it the true feeling on ground? Is everyone in Tamil Nadu against NEET? Just a short video on NEET and Tamil Nadu.

Applications invited for Telangana Management Quota Seats

KNR University of Health Sciences (KNRUHS), Telangana has issued a Notification for inviting applications for Admission into Management Quota seats (B- Category , C- Category/NRI) in Private Un-aided Non-Minority, Minority Medical Colleges, Private Un-aided Dental Colleges and Army Dental College for MBBS/BDS Courses for the academic year 2017-18 under KNR UHS, Warangal. Candidates can apply on-line from 09.00 A.M. on 22-07-2017 to 28-07-2017 upto 5.00 p.m. Online application available at: Total number of MBBS seats available under management quota seats (Category B): 731 seats Total number of MBBS seats available under NRI quota seats (Category C): 319 seats Important Dates to remember

2500 Followers on Twitter

Update on 22 Jun 2018: Glad to announce that the Twitter handle of Just Get MBBS has grown to 2500 followers. It has taken exactly 11 months to move from 1000 followers on Twitter to 2500 followers on Twitter. Just wanted to share this milestone. The twitter handle of justgetMBBS has 1000 followers as on 22 July 2017. I started tweeting from June 2016. The journey started with myself seeking information on MBBS admission. But, it moved on and it has become a primary platform for exchange of information, forum for active discussions & a place where several queries get resolved. I thank all the 1000+ members on this community. I will continue to provide genuine information, my honest opinions and wild guesses, in some cases. I do NOT know everything I want to clarify that I do NOT know everything about medical admissions. So, when I say "I don't know", don't ask me "why you don't know". I know something and I always share what I k

You are Killing Me: An Open Letter to Tamil Nadu

This article is written by Harini Parthiban, a medical aspirant from the state of Tamil Nadu (TN) A devastated TN NEET Aspirant talking to her state. No offense to any political parties. I'm just talking to my state which I thought have been protecting and caring me. Can I be any wrong? You are trying your best to quash NEET saying your state students' MBBS dreams will be shattered. Ain't I belong to your state? I have been born, grown up, fed by you. Ain't my dream is being shattered by exempting TN from NEET? When you have had 12th state board exams and admitted students solely based on the rote memorization and cut offs, you think your economically oppressed children have had fair chance to get admitted in MBBS? Oh, dear TN, you fail to acknowledge that you were just letting thousands of corporate and private schools to get the most benefit, unmindful of those rural students' pathetic situation. That's fair but bringing NEET in TN is unfair since those r

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

I witnessed a long discussion in Twitter today (and it was going on still). The topic was around why the state board students did not prepare for the NEET exam? Why did they believe the government/ the politicians? Why they did not think that Supreme Court has already mandated NEET and already the Central government has amended the Indian Medical Act to include NEET? Why they did not understand that the ordinance passed by central government in 2016 was valid for only one year? This article makes an attempt to answer the above questions. I know many would not agree with my views and will have different opinions. You are welcome to post your comments here, or come over to my Twitter handle or Facebook page to have a healthy and constructive discussion. Why Tamil Nadu state board students believed that their state will be exempted from NEET? The fact here is TN state board students were made to believe that they will be exempted from NEET permanently. When it seemed that is no

FAQ for All India Quota/ Deemed Universities Counselling

All India Quota counselling or State Quota Counselling? If I get a seat in all India quota round 1, should I join it? If I don't report to the college, what will happen? Can I participate in both All India Quota counselling and state quota counselling? Is it true that I cannot quit if I participate in second round counselling? and on and on and on .... I am getting hundreds of questions regarding the counselling. Everyone comes out with different scenarios. It gets complicated with several if, else if, else if, ... conditions applied. I have answered them on my twitter handle. But, I thought it would be better to put them all together here as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). All India Quota/Deemed Universities Round 1 I thought through the various scenarios that could come up in round 1 counselling. I put them all together in a flow chart for easy understanding. The idea is to give you a visual image of the various decision trees of All India quota or deemed universities roun

Seat Matrix for Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

In the last article, we gave you the seat matrix for deemed universities/ central universities . Following this article, I got a few requests to write an article on the seat matrix for private colleges in Tamil Nadu. The last article was easy as the seat matrix for deemed universities/ central universities was provided by Medical Counseling Committee; all I have to do was to present in an easy-to-read format. However, the seat matrix for private colleges in Tamil Nadu is yet to be released by Tamil Nadu government. Seat Matrix for Private Colleges in Tamil Nadu I have to collect information from MCI information desk. I compared it with the colleges listed in Tamil Nadu prospectus for 2017-18 admission. I have to make some assumptions where clear information is not available, particularly on the distribution of seats between merit and management quota. I have assumed that seats in all private colleges are split into 65% merit quota seats and 35% management quota seats. I have also a

Seat Matrix for Deemed Universities/ Central Universities

Today, the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) has released the seat matrix for deemed universities/ central universities. I have taken the data from MCC web site and presenting here in an easy to read format. Seat Matrix for Deemed Universities/ Central Universities Source: In total, there are 6350 seats available in deemed universities and central universities for 2017-18 counselling. Interestingly, three-fourths of these colleges come from three major states, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Maharashtra has the most number of seats (1796 seats), followed by Tamil Nadu (1500 seats) and Karnataka (1353 seats). Though NRI seats are not clearly mentioned in the seat matrix given by MCC, I have assumed 15% of seats in most colleges are allocated for NRIs. There are 823 NRI seats. The general practice is if the colleges cannot find adequate NRIs to fill these seats, then they will convert these seats to local residents. Two co