2500 Followers on Twitter

Update on 22 Jun 2018: Glad to announce that the Twitter handle of Just Get MBBS has grown to 2500 followers.

It has taken exactly 11 months to move from 1000 followers on Twitter to 2500 followers on Twitter.

2500 followers on Twitter

Just wanted to share this milestone. The twitter handle of justgetMBBS has 1000 followers as on 22 July 2017.

1000 Followers on Twitter

I started tweeting from June 2016. The journey started with myself seeking information on MBBS admission. But, it moved on and it has become a primary platform for exchange of information, forum for active discussions & a place where several queries get resolved.

I thank all the 1000+ members on this community. I will continue to provide genuine information, my honest opinions and wild guesses, in some cases.

I do NOT know everything

I want to clarify that I do NOT know everything about medical admissions. So, when I say "I don't know", don't ask me "why you don't know". I know something and I always share what I know. If I do not know something, I do not want to pretend that I know.

Its a combined effort and there are several experts who knows better than me. For example, I always look to Sandeep Gupta for information/ advice on issues related to Karnataka. Prof. Dr. Srikanth is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement and has a wealth of information. TM Sivakumar has shared several useful information, particularly on issues related to Tamil Nadu.

There are several other experts and I am happy that we all belong to one community connected on Twitter.

Give me some time to respond

I read almost all your tweets. So, don't keep posting "please reply" again and again. I try my level best to answer your queries at the earliest. But, sometimes, it may be delayed as I may have to collect the information to respond to you.

I also need some personal time. So, don't expect instant responses. Wait for few hours before posting "please reply" again. Hope you understand.

Keep contributing

My kind request to those who went through the ordeal this year. Don't close your Twitter account once you or your son/ daughter gets a medical seat. Stay back and share your experience, information gathered and tips to the candidates who will go through this in the following years.

Suggestions for improvement

I look forward to your comments and any suggestions for improvement. Thank you all once again.