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FAQ for All India Quota/ Deemed Universities Counselling

All India Quota counselling or State Quota Counselling? If I get a seat in all India quota round 1, should I join it? If I don't report to the college, what will happen? Can I participate in both All India Quota counselling and state quota counselling? Is it true that I cannot quit if I participate in second round counselling? and on and on and on ....

I am getting hundreds of questions regarding the counselling. Everyone comes out with different scenarios. It gets complicated with several if, else if, else if, ... conditions applied. I have answered them on my twitter handle. But, I thought it would be better to put them all together here as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

All India Quota/Deemed Universities Round 1

I thought through the various scenarios that could come up in round 1 counselling. I put them all together in a flow chart for easy understanding. The idea is to give you a visual image of the various decision trees of All India quota or deemed universities round 1 counselling.

All India Quota/ Deemed Universities Round 1

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I did not participate in all India quota round 1 counselling. Can I participate in all India quota round 2 counselling? (OR) I did not participate in deemed universities round 1 counselling. Can I participate in deemed universities round 2 counselling?
Yes, you can participate in round 2 counselling. You have to register for round 2 counselling at Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) web site. The registration for round 2 is expected to start on 1 Aug 2017.

2. I got a seat in Deemed Universities round 1 counselling. But, I do not like the college. Can I choose not to join the college?
Yes, you can choose not to join the college. But, you will not be able to participate in further rounds of counselling in deemed universities. But, you can continue to participate in other counsellings like All India Quota counselling and state quota counselling.

3. I am offered a seat in 1st allotment, can I release this seat without going to college & opt for 2nd counselling?
No, you cannot. Candidates are required to join allotted institution/college and complete the admission formalities. Candidates who do not report at allotted institute during reporting period will become ineligible for 2nd round of allotment.

4. I did not get a seat in all India quota round 1 counselling. Can I participate in all India quota round 2 counselling?
Yes, you can participate in round 2 counselling. When round 2 opens, you have to provide fresh choices for round 2.


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