How can I get admission in CMC Vellore? [Every question answered]

When it comes to CMC Vellore, MBBS aspirants have tons and tons of doubts.
  • Is there any special entrance exam for MBBS admission in CMC Vellore?
  • Does CMC Vellore come under NEET?
  • What is the admission procedure for CMC Vellore?
  • What is the cutoff score for MBBS in CMC Vellore for the general category candidates?
  • How difficult is it for a Hindu student to get MBBS admission in CMC Vellore?
The purpose of this article is to address all these doubts.

Continue to read the article; I will address all these questions in this article.

CMC Vellore Chapel

About CMC Vellore

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore is located in Vellore, a small town in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located mid-way between Chennai and Bengaluru; about 150 kms from Chennai and about 200 kms from Bengaluru. Tirupati is also just about 100 kms away from Vellore.

Dr. Ida Scudder founded the Union Missionary Medical School for Women in the year 1918, which later transformed into CMC Vellore. The prestigious college has excelled in providing a centenary of medical education.

It is one of the reputed medical colleges in India. It consistently ranks among the top three medical colleges in India. Some of the rankings are given below for your reference:
  • Ranked as the second-best medical college in India by India Today, 2018
  • Ranked as the third best medical college in India by NIRF, 2018
  • Ranked as the third best medical college in India by Outlook, 2018
CMC Vellore Library
College Library

Is CMC Vellore government or private college?

It is a private college.

Is CMC Vellore a deemed university?

No, it is not a deemed university. It is a private college that is affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University.

Are only Christians allowed in CMC Vellore for MBBS?

No, there are candidates from other religions studying in CMC Vellore. But, being a Christian minority institution, certainly the vast majority of students are Christians.

CMC Vellore Entrance
College Entrance

How many seats are there in CMC Vellore?

The college offers 100 MBBS seats. The distribution of seats is as follows:
  • Sponsored category – 84 seats (includes 10 seats under institutional quota)
  • Open category – 16 seats
    • Central pool quota, Government of India – 1 seat
    • SC/ ST candidates – 3 seats
    • Unreserved candidates – 12 seats
CMC Vellore College Canteen
College Canteen

 Does CMC Vellore come under NEET?

Yes, it comes under the NEET exam only. CMC used to have their own subject exam until 2015. Since NEET was introduced in 2016, CMC is using only NEET as the subject exam.

In 2016, they had aptitude test and interview for the candidates who qualified NEET.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court made it clear that private colleges have to admit students only through the state government; they cannot admit students on their own. CMC Vellore objected to this and boycotted the 2017 admission process (only one student was admitted through central pool quota).

However, in 2018, CMC agreed to be part of the single window counseling of Tamil Nadu state government and participated in the counseling.

All admissions happened only through the state government counseling process in 2018 (except one seat through central government allocation). No aptitude test and no interviews any more. Just NEET only.

CMC Vellore Men's Hostel
Men's Hostel

How can I get admission in CMC Vellore?

1. The selection committee, Directorate of Medical Education (DME), Tamil Nadu state government will call for applications after the publication of NEET results. The applications can be downloaded from /

2. All candidates (irrespective of sponsored or open category) have to submit an application to the selection committee under the “Management quota in self-financing medical / dental colleges in Tamil Nadu”.

3. All the 100 seats are considered to come only under the management quota. However, the fee is extremely low; so, don’t get excited that the seats are offered under management quota.

4. Candidates from anywhere in India are eligible to apply. There is no reservation for Tamil Nadu state candidates in CMC Vellore.

5. The selection committee will publish the rank list of candidates based on the NEET marks of the candidates. This will be a separate rank list for management quota seats in private colleges of Tamil Nadu.

6. You have to attend the spot counseling on the date notified by the selection committee.

7. Separate time slots will be given for open category seats and sponsored category seats

8. If seats are available at your turn, you can choose to join the college.

9. If you are claiming seats under the sponsored category, you may have to produce the following documents:
  • Proof of sponsorship sent by CMC Vellore’s network associated churches or Christian organization, including the institution.
  • Baptism/ confirmation/ church membership/ religious minority certificates.
10. Candidate who belongs to SC, SCA and ST category and who are native of Tamil Nadu should bring the community certificate of candidate and parent to take an allotment in CMC Vellore under SC, SCA and ST category seats.

Who are eligible for Sponsored Category Seats?

Any Christian Church or Christian Organization which is a member of the CMC Vellore Association and any other Church or Christian Body which operates its own medical work in India or neighbouring countries, which is a member of the Council, and which fulfills the criteria as laid down by the Council is eligible to sponsor candidates.

The Christian Medical College, Vellore, is also a recognized sponsoring body. It sponsors about 10 candidates under the institutional quota.

Christian candidates who are not sponsored by the CMC Vellore Association or Council members may apply to be considered for the category of Undergraduate College Sponsorship for Christians.

For the complete terms of eligibility, please refer to the college’s latest bulletin.

Candidates who have applied for and are not eligible for sponsorship will be considered under the open category.

What are the fees charged by CMC Vellore?

The college charges the following fees, as indicated in their 2018 brochure:
  • Fees to be paid at the time of admission – Rs. 41,430
  • Subsequent years – Rs. 23,000
You may have to pay a one-time mess deposit at the time of admission.

Mess fees to be paid on a monthly basis, shared equally among the inmates depending on the costs incurred during the month.

CMC Vellore Fee Structure for MBBS

Is there any Service Obligation?

All candidates admitted to the MBBS programme will have to undertake a service obligation, to work in an area of need for a minimum period of two years after completion of training.

How much should I score in NEET?

We have data only for the year 2018, as the admissions happened purely based on NEET only in the year 2018. The following is the category wise cutoff marks:
  • Open category:
    • Unreserved seats (12 seats) – 595 marks
    • SC quota (3 seats) – 389 marks
  • Sponsored category:
    • Institutional quota (10 seats) – 357 marks
    • UG college scholarship for Christians (2 seats) – 572 marks
    • Candidates sponsored by Church/ Christian organization (72 seats) – 197 marks (the cutoff for each diocese may be different. Some diocese may have a very high cut-off. For example, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese had a cutoff of 576 marks)

How difficult is it for a Hindu student to get MBBS admission in CMC Vellore?

Yes, it is going to be extremely difficult to get admission if you are not a sponsored candidate. However, it is not impossible.

The competition is very high, with only 12 seats available for open category, unreserved students.

You may have to score in the range of 600+ marks to have a decent chance of getting into CMC Vellore.


The above article addresses all the frequently asked questions regarding CMC Vellore, number of MBBS seats available and the admission procedure at CMC Vellore.

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  1. Complete explanation. Very nice work done by you.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. thank you so much for the valuable information sir.

  3. Thank you so much for explaining, it was very helpful.
    If possible, why don't you write about lifestyle of MBBS student in CMC Vellore on quora or on the blog?

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      I cannot write about the lifestyle of MBBS student in CMC Vellore, as I am not a student there.

      If someone wants to share their lifestyle, I am willing to publish it.

  4. Should non sponsored students (open category ) also do 2 years service bond?

    1. Yes, everyone including open category candidates have to serve for 2 years. There are no exceptions.

      It is logical. Either you are sponsored or open category candidate, you pay the same fees. The fees is heavily subsidized by CMC. They subsidize the fees only with the expectation that you will serve them back for 2 years.

  5. I read in Quora that students who are sponsored by church have 2 year service bond but not for all

    1. That is absolutely false information. Every candidate admitted to CMC Vellore has to sign the 2-year service bond. It does not matter whether they are open category candidates or sponsored candidates.

      The only difference is sponsored candidates know the place where they will be serving for 2 years. They go back to the sponsoring body to serve the 2 years. The open category candidates can be posted anywhere depending upon the requirements; but, most likely, they will serve at CMC Vellore hospital itself.

    2. Sponsored candidates go back to sponsoring body to serve the two years??? What does this mean
      When iam sponsored by a church where should I serve the 2yrs bond. Please tell clearly sir!!!

    3. Sponsorship entails an agreement between the candidate and the sponsoring body whereby the candidate agrees to serve in one of the institutions of the sponsoring body for a minimum period of two years.

      Most of these sponsoring bodies (Christian Church or Christian Organization or Christian Body which operates its own medical work) have an associated hospital. The sponsored candidates have to serve in those hospitals. If not, CMC Vellore will identify areas of need, where the candidates have to serve.

  6. Hey! I'm a two year drop student, and I'm gonna give NEET this year, May 2019. I'm a Muslim and am not from Tamil Nadu as well, so I wanted to know if I am eligible for the 12 seats in open category for students all over India? Also if you could tell me that do I've to apply for CMC admissions before NEET exams or after the results are out. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you are eligible for the open category seats (12 seats) in CMC Vellore. Tamil Nadu students do not have any reservation at CMC Vellore. So, it does not matter whether you are from Tamil Nadu or not.

      It is not necessary to apply to CMC separately. You need to only submit application to Tamil Nadu DME for management quota seats & participate in the counseling.

  7. Sir what is the cutoff marks for student getting sponsored by Andhra evangelical Lutheran church?

    1. Two candidates were sponsored by Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church in the year 2018. Their NEET marks were 382 and 390 respectively.

    2. Sir, if 4 candidates secured 380, 390, 385 and 400 respectively and they are sponsored by Andhra evangelical Lutheran church, will the top two scorers get seat or will there be any other tests conducted to select out of those four candidates?

    3. The top two scorers in NEET, among the sponsored candidates, will get admission. In your example, candidates with 400 and 390 marks will secure admission.

      No further tests are being conducted. They used to have Bible test and interviews. But, those were discontinued. In 2018, admissions happened purely through performance in NEET.

    4. Thank you so much sir!!.. you've helped me a lot!!

    5. You are welcome Jessica! My best wishes for you to do well in NEET and secure a seat in the prestigious CMC Vellore institution.

  8. Sir, iam from Andhra Pradesh. I will be taking sponsorship from AELC. How should I apply for CMC Vellore??

    1. You should monitor the notification from Tamil Nadu DME for applications related to management quota seats. The application will be called for immediately after the publication of NEET results.

      Apply to management quota seats in Tamil Nadu. The sponsored candidates for CMC admission will be called for counseling at Chennai on a particular date.

  9. Hey!! If I study MBBS in CMC Vellore and serve the two years bond, I will be delayed by 2 yrs to study PG. Isn't that a disadvantage??

    1. You cannot consider that as a delay. You are accumulating two years of experience before pursuing your PG. I don't consider that as a disadvantage.

      If I get an opportunity to study in such a prestigious institution and in return I have to serve for two years, I would take it any day. Don't forget that CMC Vellore is ranked consistently among the top three medical colleges in India.

  10. What is the total fee for studying mbbs

    1. I believe your question is "what is the total fee for studying MBBS at CMC Vellore?".

      The total fees should be around 2 lacs, that includes the tuition fees, exam fees and other fees related to your course.

      This does not include other expenses, like food, reference books, etc.

  11. Sir, my schooling and inter is in ap. If I study MBBS in cmc Vellore, will I be considered non local for PG seat in Andhra??
    If iam non local in ap will I be local for PG in CMC vellore

    1. Hey, I have the same doubt too

    2. I am not very familiar with rules related to PG admission. If I find anything, I will let you know.

      CMC Vellore, however, does not have any domicile requirements. It does not have any local reservation for Tamil Nadu candidates.

  12. Sir!! I'm a converted Christian but I didn't have any certificate proof ( except a baptism certificate) and I have sponsorship from a Christian organization (NGO - which works especially for HIV and leprosy) because my mom works there from 10yrs.

    Can I apply for sponsored category (72 seats) and also please mention how many the marks I must acquire in NEET?

    1. You have not mentioned whether the Christian organization is a member of the CMC Vellore Association. If they are eligible to sponsor candidates, then you are eligible to acquire seat under the sponsored category.

      The marks depend on the competition; whether the organization sponsors only you or more than one candidate. The cutoff for each diocese may be different. Some diocese may have a very high cut-off.

  13. Sir through open category,to get a seat in cmc,whether I should apply separately for cmc application or to the Tamil Nadu quota .IAM from pondichery.

    1. Tamil Nadu DME will call for two applications, one for government quota seats and another one for management quota seats.

      You should apply under the management quota seats. All the 99 seats of CMC Vellore come under the management quota counseling only. If you have very good NEET score, you will get a chance to select CMC Vellore during the counseling.


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