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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Every one in Tamil Nadu against NEET?

There is a general feeling that every one in Tamil Nadu is against NEET. Or, at least thats the feeling you get when you switch on the television or you open a newspaper. Is it the true feeling on ground?

Is everyone in Tamil Nadu against NEET?

Just a short video on NEET and Tamil Nadu.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Applications invited for Telangana Management Quota Seats

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KNR University of Health Sciences (KNRUHS), Telangana has issued a Notification for inviting applications for Admission into Management Quota seats (B- Category , C- Category/NRI) in Private Un-aided Non-Minority, Minority Medical Colleges, Private Un-aided Dental Colleges and Army Dental College for MBBS/BDS Courses for the academic year 2017-18 under KNR UHS, Warangal.

Applications invited for Telangana Management Quota Seats

Candidates can apply on-line from 09.00 A.M. on 22-07-2017 to 28-07-2017 upto 5.00 p.m.

Online application available at: http://tspvtmedadm.tsche.in/

Total number of MBBS seats available under management quota seats (Category B): 731 seats
Total number of MBBS seats available under NRI quota seats (Category C): 319 seats

Important Dates to remember

Important dates to remember for Telangana Management Quota Seats


Saturday, July 22, 2017

1000 Followers on Twitter

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Just wanted to share this milestone. The twitter handle of justgetMBBS has 1000 followers as on 22 July 2017.

1000 Followers on Twitter

I started tweeting from June 2016. The journey started with myself seeking information on MBBS admission. But, it moved on and it has become a primary platform for exchange of information, forum for active discussions & a place where several queries get resolved.

I thank all the 1000+ members on this community. I will continue to provide genuine information, my honest opinions and wild guesses, in some cases.

I do NOT know everything

I want to clarify that I do NOT know everything about medical admissions. So, when I say "I don't know", don't ask me "why you don't know". I know something and I always share what I know. If I do not know something, I do not want to pretend that I know.

Its a combined effort and there are several experts who knows better than me. For example, I always look to Sandeep Gupta for information/ advice on issues related to Karnataka. Prof. Dr. Srikanth is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement and has a wealth of information. TM Sivakumar has shared several useful information, particularly on issues related to Tamil Nadu.

There are several other experts and I am happy that we all belong to one community connected on Twitter.

Give me some time to respond

I read almost all your tweets. So, don't keep posting "please reply" again and again. I try my level best to answer your queries at the earliest. But, sometimes, it may be delayed as I may have to collect the information to respond to you.

I also need some personal time. So, don't expect instant responses. Wait for few hours before posting "please reply" again. Hope you understand.

Keep contributing

My kind request to those who went through the ordeal this year. Don't close your Twitter account once you or your son/ daughter gets a medical seat. Stay back and share your experience, information gathered and tips to the candidates who will go through this in the following years.

Suggestions for improvement

I look forward to your comments and any suggestions for improvement. Thank you all once again.

You are Killing Me: An Open Letter to Tamil Nadu

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This article is written by Harini Parthiban, a medical aspirant from the state of Tamil Nadu (TN)
A devastated TN NEET Aspirant talking to her state. No offense to any political parties. I'm just talking to my state which I thought have been protecting and caring me. Can I be any wrong?

  • You are trying your best to quash NEET saying your state students' MBBS dreams will be shattered. Ain't I belong to your state? I have been born, grown up, fed by you. Ain't my dream is being shattered by exempting TN from NEET?

  • When you have had 12th state board exams and admitted students solely based on the rote memorization and cut offs, you think your economically oppressed children have had fair chance to get admitted in MBBS? Oh, dear TN, you fail to acknowledge that you were just letting thousands of corporate and private schools to get the most benefit, unmindful of those rural students' pathetic situation. That's fair but bringing NEET in TN is unfair since those rural students can't afford them? Surely, you're joking TN.

  • Once if your students fail to get the whooping high medical cut-offs out of mugging up the whole syllabi in their 12th boards, their dream to become medico ends right there. But NEET gives them more chances than you had ever given'em. Don't we deserve more chances to make our dreams come true? You think NEET is still a malady for TN? You're killing me, TN.

  • 6 books, 40 lessons, 3 days and 3 descriptive papers (physics, chemistry, biology) which is every year following the same pattern and trend with not much questions to test what your students had understood rather testifying how much they could remember, helps you to find the best and deserving student for MBBS but one Nationalised paper with 180 logical objective questions testing their analytical, observing and memorization skills altogether with much of the questions based on concepts with non-repetitve-trends training the students for other big entrance exams also, is a curse to TN as you say. That's satirical, isn't it?

  • If even states who are lesser developed than You can accept NEET, why can't you? Do you think that your kids lag behind the other states' students? Are TN students so imbecile and study nothing other than their board books that they can't even face a Nationalised pre-college exams let alone UPSC and other on par exams? Exempting TN from NEET is equivalent to you accepting your own students as dorks and incompetent. Do you really think we are?

  • Have any of us told you that we don't want NEET? It's your responsibility to change the rules of the game that has been played on your ground before it's commencement. You can't change the rules once the game is over and just before the announcement of it's winners. Don't you know, TN? I'm sick of you.

  • Students who scored exceptionally well took medical seats via All India Quota (AIQ) and those who got less than the required scores were/are being protected by their own state's medical seats and policies.Where do TN NEET aspirants go? Pay the hefty fee that the private/deemed colleges prescribe? TN, you're failing on me. I can't afford it.

  • You listen to politicians and those with power. My voice and words amidst million other chaos will be forgotten. Everyday morning, I woke up hoping, today the MBBS merit list based on NEET will be released and these dramas will end only to return to my bed at night with empty hopes and shattered promise. I am proud of you for all these things that you are doing for me :)

  • Every other state has been on the verge of completing their first round of counselling and even our neighborhood state Puducherry who also has been following the same syllabi as we do, accepted NEET and released their state merit list based on it.Tomorrow those state's students would wake up to attend counselling. But I? Don't know, probably to be a mute spectator of your Great TN Tamasha and shrud inwardly for not getting those extra marks for AIQ. Everybody has their own limitations. I have had mine. So do you. So does this drama. Can't you stop all these Tamasha? Let me live?

  • TN, will you stop killing me?


Friday, July 21, 2017

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

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I witnessed a long discussion in Twitter today (and it was going on still). The topic was around why the state board students did not prepare for the NEET exam? Why did they believe the government/ the politicians? Why they did not think that Supreme Court has already mandated NEET and already the Central government has amended the Indian Medical Act to include NEET? Why they did not understand that the ordinance passed by central government in 2016 was valid for only one year?

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

This article makes an attempt to answer the above questions. I know many would not agree with my views and will have different opinions. You are welcome to post your comments here, or come over to my Twitter handle or Facebook page to have a healthy and constructive discussion.

Why Tamil Nadu state board students believed that their state will be exempted from NEET?

The fact here is TN state board students were made to believe that they will be exempted from NEET permanently. When it seemed that is not happening, they came out with the Bills. All legal experts, educationists, politicians (including opposition parties) were confident that the Bills will ensure exemption from NEET. Time and again, the government was giving promises (even today) that NEET will not be used for medical admission.

With so much promise, state board students were confident that board marks is important and they concentrated to secure 200/200. Even those who went to NEET coaching were really confused what should they focus on. And, they did focus on the board exams.

Now the question: why did they believe the government and the politicians? And did not take the Supreme Court seriously? The simple answer is: they are from Tamil Nadu. It is a state that managed to do things differently from all other states.

It was the only state to not have any state-level entrance examination for a decade (though the Indian Medical Act required an entrance examination if the boards of examination are different). It was probably the only state to have 69% reservation (though SC has directed that reservations should not exceed 49%). It was one of those states to fill the reverted All India Quota seats using state merit list (though SC has clearly said that all those seats should be filled only using All India Rank).

So, there were enough precedents for the state board students to believe that the government will bail them out of NEET. And, you cannot blame them.

To be fair to them, their board marks were also important to them. In case they failed to make it to MBBS, they should have adequate board marks to secure them a decent engineering college. All other admissions in Tamil Nadu, except MBBS/ BDS, are based on board marks. It is not a state where you generally drop a year and pursue MBBS again. So, they were split between board and NEET.

Who should we blame for the NEET debacle?

So, who should we blame for the precarious situation Tamil Nadu is facing today? Its certainly the government, the politicians and the educationists. If only they all had just accepted NEET was here to stay and advised the students to focus on NEET? I am sure the state board students would have done much better and would have had a lion’s share in the total seats under government medical colleges. 52% could have become 72% or 82%.

I hope the government stops this right now. Let us all accept that NEET is here to stay. I hope the government will take adequate steps to help and guide the students to face NEET exam with confidence from next year